Underneath the guise of smiles and simplicity, I lie, a dreamscape. Nameless, I have existed as long as his dreams existed. I am the dream he desires, I am the hope he seeks, I am the empty truth that reveals. I have waited, veiled underneath the face of an ordinary man.

Change is upon us. I have been given a name. I am Dreamscape. I have been given a face, unveiled through a veil of my choosing. I feel well. I feel beyond anything I have felt previous. Strength flows through my body. Energy pours into my desire.

Life has revealed its wonders to me. There is so much energy, so much life. Air sits as we pass through it, causing it to change and create sound. People contain infinite capacity to understand and within each person there are thousands of words, minds, memories to share. Events, both good and bad, pass by millions of times in seconds. Light bombards the earth by the billions in a second, on every possible inch. The very essence of the world is energy and life. There is too much worthwhile to be despondent, there is too much life to give up.

Life is worth living and life is worth working on. I hope to improve life. This is the dream awakened into reality. The community will grow and thrive, both RLSH and citizen alike. Reach for what you desire.

I will keep this page updated with my personal thoughts, written poetically, and my activities, written with full detail and honesty.

If you have any questions, please find me on Facebook or email: dreamscape.rlsh@gmail.com